Baudouin Paquot


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Baudouin Paquot is an impassioned lawyer combining a broad experience of advising demanding clients in complex M&A operations to a clear-sighted strategic approach and thorough negotiation skills.

Nowadays Baudouin’s practice focuses on corporate and corporate tax law issues including:

  • Company takeover (private or public);
  • Merger, demerger and other restructuration processes ;
  • Capital increase/decrease, entry/exit of shareholders and (re)negotiation of shareholders agreement;
  • Setting up and implementation of a corporate governance policy;
  • Corporate funding and related security schemes
  • Relation with supervisory authority (FSMA, BNB, Tax administration and ruling services).

Baudouin also teaches corporate law at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. He also is the Chairman of the M&A association. He is frequently asked to participate, as speaker, in conferences and seminars on M&A.

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